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As Zimbabwe battles the onslaught of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), access to information gaps continues to pose a great risk in the eradication of the pandemic. The government has not done enough in terms of preparing to handle actual coronavirus cases and also to educate the public on how to protect themselves to abate the spread of the highly infectious disease. 

Social media, though playing a key role in disseminating information, has also been used to spread fake news. This, therefore, calls for a multi-stakeholder approach to get and disseminate factual and relevant information on what the coronavirus is and how best it can be contained.

The campaign will further reach out to other strategic partners outside CEADZ supported partners, with a reach on a critical mass across Zimbabwe. However, a rigorous assessment of organisations joining in should be carried out with the goal of attracting organisations of high integrity as the cardinal role is to communicate information which is factual and authentic to the target audiences. 


How it Spreads

It’s crucial to practice good hygiene, respiratory
etiquette and social and physical distancing.